The world As I See It

All the world’s a stage and merely each one of us are actors playing our own parts to the tune of it. Apart from my introduction, is is quite easy for many of us to assume, for those of us who fall into the literate world, to understand where I have take it from. In true sense the language which we use to portray the world as we sense it derives from the proper portrayal of enriched by the past by literary figures.

There is much happening in the world and we are fortunate at present that we have multiple sources from which we are able to harvest the rich bounty of knowledge. Simply knowledge which comes from knowing empowers unto a person if rightly used. Yet each of us see the same differently. No two people would judge a book of the same cover as the same. Each tells it, as his mind perceives it and I have my own of telling it.

The best medium as far as the eye can make out, is the internet. where it not only actively gives others a view of the world from your senses but also portrays your skills. As for me, I find it all judgmental.

Being naive is one thing, and being stupid is another. We all have to live in a world that have some vices for which we all as humans have fallen into a trap, which is consumerism and economics where each of them are correlated and are part and parcel of the same thing. I have not made it so. I like many others of similar minded tendencies want to live a harmonious life which gives many a lasting pieces of mind, but driven like most into conformity of the system.

Yes, I sell my skills as an educated person, in a number of ways – writing content for people who find use of it, educating others in a numbers of ways where my spheres of intelligence and knowledge might lie, so I in a way can confirm to the conformity, for which life is practically impossible to live, and like you I am trapped in and at the same time give the world a sense of how it is seen through my eyes.

Finally, looking for information, that you might not find elsewhere, then you could get it here. Or, you looking for content for your site or blog, then I might be able to help for a price. Or else, you might want to shine you language skills for a variety of reasons. There too, I might be of help, again for a price. For every thing has a value and I believe, there is a value for my labour of the mind and knowledge.

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Steven William Pitts