Hotel Amadablam – A Labour and Human Rights Violator

Employment of any kind is meant to adhere to the principles of not only the labour laws but also the humans rights within any nations according to the laws enshrined in the constitution. Sadly this is not the case with Hotel Amadablam a supposedly, some starred hotel in Kathmandu Nepal. If this is the case, with this one, what must be with most others, where some with the capitalist tendencies of investments to make maximum gain with impunity. Sadly, this is not a tale but happening in Kathmandu, Nepal under the watchful eye where the classes that labours to make your stay possible and lovely, are made to live miserable lives because of this.

Hotel Amadablam that was established shortly after a hiatus of six months after the 2014 earthquake in Nepal after Hotel Indreni closed down under the pretext of Union problems, surfaced with a reported investment of NRS250 million having five shared holders in various proportions. What is the truth, is a mystery, that money could only be given to the previous owners and the company registration to previous owners, who could be the same ones.

Not wanting to fall into the trap where they could play around with their staff and where unionism destroyed their previous investment they got a Manager who goes by the name of Kamal Chettri. Sadly, he was given the boot after a couple of months and now reinstated as the so called post of an Operational Manager – the whole reason was to be used by the investors to coerce the staff specially the fourth grade into the bidding of the hotel ways.

Why? The staffs are never paid on time. As of the time this post goes into publish, two months of payment is pending along with their services charges that is deducted from taken from the customers and the third month is coming to a closed in about ten days time. Most of the fourth grade staff need employment as it hard to come by. This is taken advantage of and along with now the operational manager, which can rightly be anybody’s guess, the investors, to bring them under submission.

Mr Kamal Chettri periodically blames, the staff, of time wastage and useless gossip with the pretext that they are seen under CCTV camera. When faced to prove such allegation, none come forward. Staff since need to work in a coordinated manner need to converse for various reasons. This cannot in any way be taken as idling away time. This only means one thing which is to instil fear into the hearts of the employee so that they will not make their salaries not being paid. This tantamount to slave labour which plays on the psychological factor. See you are doing, lose your, loose three or four months of salary, when, if possible to get another one, mental harassment in society of shame not paying your creditors (obviously credit is the only other means of survival). Shame, shame and shame not only to those investor who have, but have from stealing from the mouths of those who make it happen for them with their sweat, blood and torment.

Some staff, fed up with the manner of pay and treatment, have left their jobs only for their salaries not to be paid for the last three or four months.

Furthermore, the law of the land states, that employers must issue an appointment letter, but till date, not a single one has been given one, leave alone, an annual increment. No one needs to guess why? So that the employee can sack the employer with impunity, where the latter will have no proof, that he ever worked there and have not the least of tools that he worked there.

When inspectors from the labour department comes and other department inspectors come, they are never, given the opportunity, to find out the truth of the anomalies but instead taken to the grand restaurant run by Hotel Amadablam and given expensive grog and food. The better guess, would be that money also passes under the table by the management such as Kamal Chettrie and the Account, a close relative of one the investors, all with the blessing of the investors. What is wrong with spending a couple of thousands, when there is millions more to be made at the mercy of others labour.

We all know that the hospitality industry has no waking and sleeping time along with holidays. That is generally understood. But the law also states that proper compensations must be reimbursed, which is very hard to come by at Hotel Amadablam.

Food is provided to the staff, but the quality of it is not fit for human consumption which the investors would not feed to their pets, I bet. Expired products like saurce and meat if given is used. Banned substance flavouring like Agenomoto is used that caused cancer is used to cover up the foul taste with impunity. The food inspectors are fed, given expensive drinks and venal acts of under the table payments made to turn a blind. The management don’t suffer such as they are given the privilege to eat in the restaurant.

Plus the manage which are just a handful are paid better to a do the biddings of the investor. Some go too far, like the previous operational manager who had the check of pressing the breast of a spa massager – he was given the boot, because if things get too hot, it would difficult for the investors to douse. So Kamal Chettrie was called back as the one to put things back into order according to the means the investor liked. Such as removing discontent among the staff because of salaries being not paid and not knowing whether it would be a month’s like in the previous payment made and the need for more staff to cater to the many rooms and suits that is about sixty two.

Finally, one can understand how the five investors who have not actually invested a penny in truth along with their spoons presently like the accountant and the operational manager are violating not only the labour rights but also the human’s rights of the staff. They might not be paid on time, but the hefty salaries and the bonus they get for doing the investors, obviously keep them in the game. So if this is the case of Hotel Amadablam, what may be the case at the many other one mushrooming up in the Kathmandu Valley.  Only human rights and labour rights violations where the people whom the constitution and the laws of the land and which the government of Nepal is a signatory to in the different conventions, is a made a mockery of.

For Your Cup Of Morning Tea

Exploitation for our Morning Tea

Morning tea is something which each of we tea drinkers look forward to. Tea is one of the most sought after beverages drunk in the world. It came about by the conquest of lands and many lands have been shaped and formed because of it.

So much so your morning cup of tea is now cultivated in practically every part of the global that is hospitable towards its growth. Yet like most sought after cash crops tea also requires intensive care and growth which involves labour.

Since most of your morning tea and for a fact tea is in those parts of the world specially the South Asian Countries that have large estates under cultivation, for which the manual labour for its growth is done by women as they are nimble enough for its tender care. But, have you stopped for a while to consider, whether these folks that make it possible to bring our beside morning tea to us are paid in proportion to the labour they put in. In one word, the answer is a big NO.

There are paid practically peanut according to what I have come to know and have learnt of it first hand from those very women who put in their intensive labour here in Nepal. This video is a testaments to the facts. They are paid about $10 a week making it only $40 a month and if they are absent from work because of sickness from their work in the field, their payment is further cut.

But nevertheless, they are content with their small mercies for their work put in. It is us that should be asking the question before we drink our morning tea in cups to suit our ambience, whether they are paid fairly as we pay fairly for the tea which we drink. The lion’s share of the profit goes, into the owners and the share holders pockets, just because they own the land.

Which is bigger, the one who labours for you or the one who owns the product? I think you conscience must be pricking you. It is time people like you and me make it their business in their own ways to see that these women who make the morning tea happens for us are paid a proper living wage. I hope this video of them at work proves the point.

Please pass it on by sharing and it is because humanity still exist that we can make the world a fairer and better place for all to live and earn.

Facebook Takes People for a Ride

The Truth About Facebook

Facebook one of the leading social Medias, is far from what it actually seems to be. Before, I can make such accusations, I would be better to ask you this question, “What is the primary purpose of a social media?” The answer for that is quite straightforward, “That it is to connect society by a platform irrespective of the means it uses.” But, is Facebook doing so. In my experience no longer, it has become a platform for basically earning doe for the company and the shareholders.

When this becomes the primary concern and the means by which it goes about the business, then it becomes simply a company and looses the status of being called so.

Yes, in the modern age, when you are using the internet, there are certain amount of bills to pay and to keep body, soul and mind alive and how much does that take. But this so called social media giant has outlived the tag.

After all the founder of the company, started this trend in a clandestine manner while cheating his friend and some others whom lent him the cash to start the initiative in the early days. Those habits do not die hard; it just appears in another form.

The experience I had is I bet is the same experience that many others are having. I stopped using FaceBook, after I found that they were too expensive to advertise on. In my mail box to the email id that this social media has of mine (mind you – the law requires that all info is deleted from the company’s data base on the WWW according to the right to be forgotten) but to the contrary it is a different story.

Somehow they want you back when they understand that they can in some way make money off you. So the data base is never removed, but by the algorithm they profile you. That portfolio makes the algorithm send out mails. Remember these are made and installed by people and people own Facebooks. This means that FaceBook allows it all because they can make money.

The means are so clandestine, that they send you coupons of so many dollars where with it you get so much amount of advertisement free of cost. Why would people not like free advertisement for their business, if they could drive traffic to their business and get sales. If it would then they are willing to further use their service by paying also. But that is not the case with Facebook, they have a very dark built in system, that draws you into actually making you pay for the free coupon. That coupon is actually not free but a trap to draw out first to see if they service is good for you.

Each post that you put has a link below to boost it. You put a post to go to the circle of family and friends. Instead of that you are getting more post of people who are trying to boast their post rather than actually getting from your circle. You are tracked by this social media giant to put adds as they believe that is relevant to your surfing behavior by how you use their service.

Finally Facebook besides trying to draw an make money off you by clandestine means has more data about you than any intelligent agency has – very dangerous for a none law agency to possess. They are using this data to further their cause and become a government within a government in various countries. How is this known. Simply delete your account, but your account is never deleted as even after a year if you log into Facebook, you are welcomed back like a prodigal son and all you data restored. Isn’t it ironic, that when you delete you account which means that all that is associated with you is deleted from their data base regarding you.

Google as been fined billions of dollars on the case of your “right to be forgotten” and their are many like me out there, so why is Facebook not being penalized by the EU or any other government for illegally keeping peoples data after they no longer want to use their social media service.