Morning Tea

For Your Cup Of Morning Tea

Exploitation for our Morning Tea

Morning tea is something which each of we tea drinkers look forward to. Tea is one of the most sought after beverages drunk in the world. It came about by the conquest of lands and many lands have been shaped and formed because of it.

So much so your morning cup of tea is now cultivated in practically every part of the global that is hospitable towards its growth. Yet like most sought after cash crops tea also requires intensive care and growth which involves labour.

Since most of your morning tea and for a fact tea is in those parts of the world specially the South Asian Countries that have large estates under cultivation, for which the manual labour for its growth is done by women as they are nimble enough for its tender care. But, have you stopped for a while to consider, whether these folks that make it possible to bring our beside morning tea to us are paid in proportion to the labour they put in. In one word, the answer is a big NO.

There are paid practically peanut according to what I have come to know and have learnt of it first hand from those very women who put in their intensive labour here in Nepal. This video is a testaments to the facts. They are paid about $10 a week making it only $40 a month and if they are absent from work because of sickness from their work in the field, their payment is further cut.

But nevertheless, they are content with their small mercies for their work put in. It is us that should be asking the question before we drink our morning tea in cups to suit our ambience, whether they are paid fairly as we pay fairly for the tea which we drink. The lion’s share of the profit goes, into the owners and the share holders pockets, just because they own the land.

Which is bigger, the one who labours for you or the one who owns the product? I think you conscience must be pricking you. It is time people like you and me make it their business in their own ways to see that these women who make the morning tea happens for us are paid a proper living wage. I hope this video of them at work proves the point.

Please pass it on by sharing and it is because humanity still exist that we can make the world a fairer and better place for all to live and earn.


Facebook Takes People for a Ride

The Truth About Facebook

Facebook one of the leading social Medias, is far from what it actually seems to be. Before, I can make such accusations, I would be better to ask you this question, “What is the primary purpose of a social media?” The answer for that is quite straightforward, “That it is to connect society by a platform irrespective of the means it uses.” But, is Facebook doing so. In my experience no longer, it has become a platform for basically earning doe for the company and the shareholders.

When this becomes the primary concern and the means by which it goes about the business, then it becomes simply a company and looses the status of being called so.

Yes, in the modern age, when you are using the internet, there are certain amount of bills to pay and to keep body, soul and mind alive and how much does that take. But this so called social media giant has outlived the tag.

After all the founder of the company, started this trend in a clandestine manner while cheating his friend and some others whom lent him the cash to start the initiative in the early days. Those habits do not die hard; it just appears in another form.

The experience I had is I bet is the same experience that many others are having. I stopped using FaceBook, after I found that they were too expensive to advertise on. In my mail box to the email id that this social media has of mine (mind you – the law requires that all info is deleted from the company’s data base on the WWW according to the right to be forgotten) but to the contrary it is a different story.

Somehow they want you back when they understand that they can in some way make money off you. So the data base is never removed, but by the algorithm they profile you. That portfolio makes the algorithm send out mails. Remember these are made and installed by people and people own Facebooks. This means that FaceBook allows it all because they can make money.

The means are so clandestine, that they send you coupons of so many dollars where with it you get so much amount of advertisement free of cost. Why would people not like free advertisement for their business, if they could drive traffic to their business and get sales. If it would then they are willing to further use their service by paying also. But that is not the case with Facebook, they have a very dark built in system, that draws you into actually making you pay for the free coupon. That coupon is actually not free but a trap to draw out first to see if they service is good for you.

Each post that you put has a link below to boost it. You put a post to go to the circle of family and friends. Instead of that you are getting more post of people who are trying to boast their post rather than actually getting from your circle. You are tracked by this social media giant to put adds as they believe that is relevant to your surfing behavior by how you use their service.

Finally Facebook besides trying to draw an make money off you by clandestine means has more data about you than any intelligent agency has – very dangerous for a none law agency to possess. They are using this data to further their cause and become a government within a government in various countries. How is this known. Simply delete your account, but your account is never deleted as even after a year if you log into Facebook, you are welcomed back like a prodigal son and all you data restored. Isn’t it ironic, that when you delete you account which means that all that is associated with you is deleted from their data base regarding you.

Google as been fined billions of dollars on the case of your “right to be forgotten” and their are many like me out there, so why is Facebook not being penalized by the EU or any other government for illegally keeping peoples data after they no longer want to use their social media service.

WorldLink Nepal

Worldlink – Despicable Internet Service Provider From Nepal

Worldlink, supposedly the number one internet service provider from Nepal, has provided me with internet service, so much so as to last a lifetime of bitterness to the mental aptitude towards them. Anyone can promote themselves both analogically via the media and the digitally via the internet (We live in a world where freedom of speech on the truth matters). We are living in a world where propaganda to self promotion is the norm. No less said when it comes to this internet service provided from Nepal. Not to say that others ISPs do not lack far behind in their approach towards the consumer.

Noone should make allegations without first, experiencing it first hand. I, time and time again, have so many encounters with them, that if they were the only one left in the country to provide the service I would rather be without an internet connection rather than ask them to supply me with one.

  • The Last Bitter Experience with WorldLink

Just like Worldlink that changes its offices around the Kathmandu Valley time and time again due to the unfairness and demands of the landlords, I face the same phenomenon of this unregulated and uncontrolled business of tenancy.

Just this month I had shifted my residence from one part of the valley to another to get out of the clutches of the landlord of absurd and mad behaviour even after paying my monthly dues before time. I was in need of my personal internet even though the present landlord has their own and is willing to share it with me – ironically, it is provided by Worldlink and its fiber optic port is just opposite the road on the electric post. Having said that, there is nothing better than having your own connection as you in control of your own destination.

On the 13th of this month, I went to their office in Baluwatar at about 10:30 am to get one. The first place you look for is HELP. I did see a room marked with help, so I entered it to be encountered with a pack of guys with the riff raff look on them. Later I came to understand that they were the technical personals with nothing to do. They join the connections when given the directions. One of them thinking what I was looking for as if an alien from planet Mars, in his piquet English trying to show the others that he can speak the language asked me something in it to the laughter of his pals.

Some how, I looked into the office market for payment and saw a desk with a young female behind it marked Sales. Take that as the best bet, I entered and told her I was looking for a new internet connection and this is how the saga unfolds from there on till the 16th Friday and finally no internet connection joined as chronicled below:

  1. 13th June 2017 10:30 am: I told her my requirements, which was a 5mb fiber optic connection and that I needed it that day. She phoned her superiors via the intercom connections which most offices have to show their sophistication. After she hung up, she told me that it would be done either that evening or the following morning in the first hours. I filled in the form and asked here if payment was to be made then. She told me that after the connection was made I should do the needful. I thank her and left with the anticipation that I would have the connection that evening.
  2. 13th June 2017 around 5:45: I got a phone call on the mobile number provided to Worldlink filled in the form. The person behind the line even though seeing my name, began speaking to me in Nepali. Being in the country for nearly a quarter of a century, I can converse to some extend in the vernacular that can be best called market talk. So I handed the phone to my wife whom had just arrived from work. She told me they wanted a user name and I told them why not make it william and added a “p” to the end. That being done, they told her that they would make the connection at the earliest the following day.  I was sent two mails to the email account provided with the details of my new email service just created sans the physical connection and the other mail to confirm that was my email address so that they could send me periodical promotions and other things such as bill payments. I love living in a greener world, so where the less use of paper was a good thing for me. Later I was sent message via SMSs of the Password and confirmation of my account for the internet connection. Happy that I would get my internet connection the following morning.
  3. 14th June 2017: No phone calls, no messages, no one contacted me. My Whole Bloody Day went to waste. I believe that when a company that propagates that it is number one internet service provider in the country should know better. If I was employed then I would have to take leave. One day of my earnings gone down the drain.
  4. 15th June 2017: Thinking that they would come and make the connection that day after being told by my wife before she left for work that morning. This is Nepal, things get delayed, be patient. Patience has it bounds and so, using my landlords internet connection, I opened the account page provided to me and found where I could get in touch with them. They have a number of problems with radio buttons marked out. I could find none with the problem I am facing from them. I clicked the closest and in the portion for more infomation told them the problem and gave them a piece of my mind. Immediately to show how sophisticated their service is I was sent an “SMS” to the mobile number provided with the quot “Dear Customer ‘M: williamp’, your ticket of Ticket ID #2011067 has been updated with remarks – Ticket on hold. Currently troubleshooting the issue.” Time stamp on mobile 12:11 pm. It was at 4:39 pm that I finally got a call from 01-4217100 (a number owned by WorldLink Nepal) with a female behind it. I told here my problem and now much annoyed – Anyone would having had the third day go up the drain. She tried her best to convince me that it would be done that evening. Mind you, it was nearly five in the evening. Before hanging up she told me that she would talk to someone up the line with the problem and get back to me in five to ten minutes which she never did and with the promise again that it would be done before eight in the morning as I told her that was to leave for work at eight after having missed three days of it. She never got back to me. But I received a number of SMSs with the issue as if being ping ponged around the playing table. First one after the conversation with what I assume with a female from the call center, “Dear Customer, you ticket (ID2011067) been reassigned to Ashish Raj Aryal. You will be contacted soon. Wlink Supported.” at 5:15 pm. I was not contacted anyway soon but got the next SMS shortly 5:20pm with the message, “Dear Customer, your ticket (ID2011067) has been resigned to Ashish Gajurel. You will be contacted soon. Wlink Support.” Never to be contacted that day again.
  5. 16th June 2017: My wife keeps my spirit up. Before leaving for work at 7 am she tells me wait till 8 am they might arrive. Taking solace in her words. I waited in vain. At work, I checked my account that Worldlink made for me. Mysteriously no trace of the problem was there instead just to show something. There was a message that the system was being repaired. This was a game being played slowly as those who were all involved in derelict of duty had to get out of it some how or the other. Remove all traces of it. Proof to that and to repair the way they functions when they are caught plays out more. It is better on a new paragraph. Fortunately you can try to remove much of your crime but for a crime to occur there are two sides to the coin which exist with the other.
  6. 16th June 2017 after 11:10 onwards: Having wasted three days being absent from work all for the purpose of joining Worldlinks 5mbs fiber optic connection from the port just opposite my humble rented flat, I finally reach work after 9 am in the opposite side of town. Around just after 11 am, I get a phone call while busy at work while I am trying to get something done with the end voice in a gruff tone as if some talking more of a threatening manner in Nepali. This is how I have managed to translate it into my mother tongue English, “Have a problem with your internet connection.” Surprised, whether to leave my work at hand or to answer such an annoying – order, question or suggestion, god knows, I was confuted. I was no longer interested in an internet connect or anything thing else after being humiliated for asking or two days and landing up with taking three. Such compassion is not even given to a foreigner of the English race and should not be, for no one is extra special when it comes to working in a proper organised corporation. The owner of WorldLink Nepal – Dileep Agrawal should know that better after having been over 16 years in countries such as Germany and the United States. I just hung up the phone not interested in such, repeatedly getting calls from Wlink’s number with the same guys asking in different ways if I have a internet problem. How could I have a internet problem when I do not have the connection. My best bet each department was caught in this vice they had created on their own accord with as I can assume now and from a number of previous experiences that no proper management and now that money if flowing in – the owner cares two hoots. I will now continue this day’s saga on a new paragraph.
  7.  4 pm onwards: I got a phone call again nearly reaching the middle of the hour with the end voice asking me the same old question if I had a problem with my internet connection. Now being more relaxed from cutting down the workload of three of absence, I was more comfortable answering him in the Nepali vernicular I had my disposal. I told him that I had no problem with my internet connection as they had not installed any and the three day trial period had expired. He now wanting to get off the hook as I then realize that he was from the technical department, said it was because I had not paid my dues. Funny, when I was willing to pay it first when I when to their office. I was told that I should pay it to the people who make the connection when they come. I finally was annoyed by now for the ordeal they had put me through and the games they play to get out from their dereliction of duty. I told him that I no longer need his connection, I am comfortable using the landlords internet connect though it would slower when more people use it.

That evening when I when to log into the account on the fourth day of the ordeal with Worldlink, no account existed for “williamp”, they finally got redemption from showing that they jobs are safe. This is all that I have to say this 5th day now being a Saturday and where I could sit and relax, that a man dies but his spirit arises. This is not the first encounter that I have had with internet service provider but the third. The other two I might write about it some other time. Sadly corporates like this get away with much because of the lackadaisical of the consumer laws in Nepal. Where if your try to fight for your right legally, then you end up paying hundred times more than you have unjustly been made to suffer for. That is why I have to bare the brunt of forfeiting three days salary and another three days as per the company rules, that I work for which comes to more than I would have paid for the internet connection. You will find more of their attitude at Anil Maharjung’s Blog

Continuation to WorldLink’s Bullshit (18th June 2017)

Today being the 18th of the Month, happily contented with using my Landlord’s internet net connect, I needed to make and update to the madness of Worldlink.

WorldLink Nepal

My account expired as no connect made and yet they are trying to get to me to make a connection and redeem themselves after six days now when it should have been done the very day or the next as they had promised.

I get four miss calls as I was not in the state to receive them while eating lunch, from WorldLink at their usual number at a little above 11 am. At this moment, as a principle, I never reply to miss calls unless, I think there is need for it and it is of importance. I found that it was not of importance as by now I was totally cheesed off with them. They had all together cut off the account. So I don’t know what game they were up to now. (I had sent them a link to this blog post). They did not want to post it on their FaceBook account. That is obvious, people like good critics about them. The truth is bad publicity.

After that I get a number of SMSs that the problem was resigned to this person and that and with a number of mail to the id provided – too late WorldLink, I think you have not read the above portion as yet.

Think finally, I got a call from the 9801229818 and I supposedly a personal from WorldLink tried to convience in English that sounded from the Tarie community people. After explaining myself to him and telling him the facts mentioned above and that I was no longer interested in their connection, thanked him for his effort. How sad, you have wasted four days of my time and now you are trying to make it six days after the Saturday hiatus.

Here, I can firmly say that feature have been tickled somewhere along the line when the truth comes out and exposed to them. Here I provided a link of this post. In the long run they know it will get optimised and will be found on the search engines.

How shameless of them, even after dishing out such treatment and behaviour and causing me such loss them still think that I would be interested in their connection. You can check out Baba Panday’s Blog for further behaviour and what was done to a number of people. Trying to cover up their dereliction of duty and covering up their losses is all that they know at WorldLink, the supposedly number one ISP provider from Nepal.

I will finally end with the quote, “Gilded Tombs Have Worms enfold” from “Merchant of Venice” by “William Shakespeare”.

19th June 2017 – People from WorldLink Nepal – Don’t keep on calling me once the damage is done by your own accord. Investigate into your company as to how this happens and take proper actions. I have no more time to explain myself over and over again to those who phone from 01-4217100





Crooked Web

The Crooked Web

Living in the technological age has brought us in many confrontations with evils. Some do it openly while others do it behind the digital wall with impunity. This is the picture that is broadly out there for all to see. Ninety nine percent of what goes on is basically done against those who do not have the power to fight back.

I have seen this mostly with the world which relies on the digital bloom. They believe that what they do is not at wrong as long as they do so, while those from those countries which cannot fight back are the culprits of all the bad that is going on around in the world wide web.

Take the issue of proxies. When I talk of proxies, I mean accessing site which are otherwise blocked based on the IP address either of the country that uses them or the computer. Some countries use as firewall not allow their denizens to access certain sites which they find that is not compatible to them. To circumnavigate this people from those countries set up proxies in the form of changing their IP addresses to show as if they are from another country thus getting access to the sit of their choice.

This is alright if nothing wrong comes of it to the site owner or the person accessing it with the right intentions. Ninety nine percent of the time this is not the case. People try to access those sites which they are blocked from to see what rewards they can get.

Rewards such as digital information such as credit cards and if they can get into the core of the administration in order to create havoc to that site to reap financial gain. Then they are the so called SEO which I might say are in plethora on the internet. They cause damage to your site in order that you would use they expensive service or to destroy your reputations in favour of your competitors in the same line of business.

If you come to see it, the world wide web is a simple place to do business. You simple need a domain name and a hosting package, which might cost you no more than fifty dollars a year. Once it is up an running, then begins the trouble. The leeches and bugs, which basically are made by those who want to make some easy money. They cause the trouble so that you would use products to make your site secure from them. It is a continues process as if you fall into a trap of a vicious circle of trouble.

Who is not involved, you name them and in some small or big way they are in the game and if they are not, then there is no money to be had. People in the past to used to scheme as to how they could bring destruction of the reputations of others in the past and from it they used to gain personal benefits. It is not so now as all the scheming is done digitally online. That is if you are involved some way by your mobile or the net. The best bet is that more than half the earth’s population is. If the calculations is done right that is a couple of nutcases involved. Each and everyone believes that he ought to have a share of the pie in this digital age.

Once you come in touch, in which ever small way, you need to be cautious as to the use of it. Don’t believe that by using the mobile that you are not going to be effected. Then you are wrong. It is also latched onto the digital world and there are schemers out there hatching ways to make money off you. You cannot fight back and if you are affected then you cannot do anything thing but to bare the consequences of your folly. The only way is to live away from it all – I know of some who have been in this world just give it up totally and do not want to look at a digital device again or anything that is to do with the world wide web – They are sick of it.

Make America Great Again

The Conman Called Donald Trump

Every leap year the United States holds it primaries for the two major parties and then from it two candidates are pitted against each other for the presidency of the country. Unfortunately, it so happens that this time in the fray, from the Republican side, is standing the conman called Donald.

Sadly for the American people as for rest of the world, this conman happens to be doing well and if he carries on in this manner, he might even go on to challenge the Democrat, expected nominee, Hillary Clinton.

As all conman have the art of not only conning people but also conning their way into positions, he could be the President of the United States. It is then, that who would have put him in that position realize their error of judgement and folly. By then it would be too late.

Who is this Donald Trump? If I had my way, a person with a smart mind who loves himself and his name a brand to make money off taking people for a ride. A scheme artist.

Since the United States is a land of laws, he is protected from what could have been harsh treatment if he had to do the same in some developing countries. So many lawsuits are piled up against him. The question that you must ask yourself, specially those American people who have the right to choose the ones their want is, “Why are so many litigation against Donald Trump, not only in the United States, but also in other countries?”

Take the case of him peddling his face scheme as a university where those who had enrolled after paying thousand of dollars to learn his tricks to make billions, where sold dreams that you could also get off the net? It is not one person, it is not two people, but nearly over a thousand that have taken him to court. The facts of it are out there. Read the case against Trump University filed against Donald Trump at the legal firm

Then there are ligations against him for conning small investor in investing into his Trump Towers with guarantee that the value price of the apartments bought would double or treble in the years to come but unfortunately fell like a heavy brink from the top of his tower. Simply read about the litigations Trump Towers in Mexico here, which will give you the true picture.

So these are some of what the conman called Donald Trump has done for me to nickname him so. Even thought that might be a big chunk of him, further to exemplify him in this attributes, can be got from his debates – eleven of them in all. Very brash and rude with no honour how he uses nasty and derogative language just to pander to those who believe that they are disillusioned with the political system, and here comes our saviour. In Asia, many with the same have become god-men, whose congregation later realize the ride that they have been taken for.

None of what he says is ever backed by substance as when he is tasked with it, he always resorts to, “That is the political functions in Washington DC”. Yes, if it so happens that he gets the job, then there will be no chance of a litigation being put at how he will have conned the American people. The Democrats and the Republicans might come together and impeach him. But, the it might be too late as because of him the American credibility has started taking a beating even with its allies, it will become worse then as by the time he leaves office, the Americans will have none.

He is simply playing into the passions of a few who have a dislike of Mexicans, the Muslims who they believe is the problem of the American people, but in fact it is the other way around. By letting the conman make you believe by building walls and causing trade wars, would be the solution, then it would isolate the country from the rest of the world. Remember that the United States is not world but the many, many other countries which make it up and they cannot be wrong.

So it is better to stop believing and being taken for a ride by the conman called Donald Trump.

William Pitts