Woodpecker Video

Woodpecker in my Backyard

There is no more joy of hearing the sound of a woodpecker specially while you are compelled to live in a city. That is because the tall buildings have overtaken the space that was once meant for trees. These creatures that once lived in the same spot for years or their ancestors now no longer find it home.

I had the opportunity and joy of getting the sound of a woodpecker coming from my backyard. Fortunately, it has some trees around. This part of the day the sound of humans are at it minimum so not only could this bird go about it business of building its home in peace, but also lets us know that its build activities is also melodious to the ears of other creatures not like those of the human activity.

I quickly ran out with my camera and recorded its pecking against the tree after locating it in the foliage of the growth of trees. It gave me the joy of recording it for about 30 seconds before it flew off, mostly probably it was disturbed by come coming human being, or a crow that are the only birds that love the city.

Below is the video which I would like to share with you so that you can take a piece of natural joy of the woodpecker building its home.

I hope you have enjoyed this video of the woodpecker as much as I have enjoyed filming it.

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again has become the mantra of a great part of the Americans after the pandering of their now president starting off during his bid for the White House. The irony is this greatness lies in the acts of what you do towards others and the absence of it on a collective scale is only beginning to show its full impact rather than what is actually meant to be done.

The United States has always aligned itself to its economic prosperity from where maximum benefit is got from minimum effort. It has paved the ways for others to foster to as if leading the way. In fact other countries in this world have lost their traditional means of sustaining themselves to the technological economic boom that is supposedly supposed to show the way of enlightenment to others that happen to live in the dark spheres of humanity.

In its process for faster and better lifestyles with the cycle of economics tied in, the country has made life so automatic where the effort of the hand is used to hardly any cost. Technology plays a great part in this but technology has a price at which it comes. It is not a natural process, but a mental process by which the natural surroundings are used to its advantage. Things are made so as to make life easier. This has come at a cost, not of the printed paper notes or the gold which guarantees it survival but the very fabric of the earth’s proper existence.

This phenomenon of least effort to maximum benefit has given lease to laziness. Americans do not want to do certain things when it comes to it being mostly manual. Plus in the process they have created not only at home but also abroad the destruction of the natural bio-ecological process in which the earth sustains and maintains the natural equilibrium of life.

Hurricanes and typhoons are natural phenomenon just as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are. These have helped to alter and shape the earth to what it has become in the last four thousand years or so. So there is nothing surprising when they happen. They do and they also will till the last breathe of the earth existence in our solar system. Yet, the mayhem that it has caused is of great surprise.

Like the earth with its natural tendency to alter and shape the earth, man – not the Americans have made adjustments to live in harmony with them, but by action and deeds have led the ways to show others as how to increase the intensity of these natural phenomenon.

To be hit my two hurricanes in a row is no joke. It only tells you the truth. It is payback time. So Make American Great Again can only feasible not with a joke ass president leading the nations, but with the Americans leading the way as an example to make the earth a better place to live. Not by imposing your ideology on others and not following by example. The earth needs help and instead of showing how economics can destroy the earth it is time that the Americans along with their jack ass president help to heal the earth both physically as well as emotionally.

Beyond Redemption

The earth has gone beyond redemptions for the state into which it has been made by human activities. The ecological system is in total tatters with different groups giving their prognoses and diagnoses. Yet, with all of them things stay the same. That is because for things to really revert back to what it once was; for humans as well as for the species, drastic steps need to take place in all spheres of human endearment.

What are the problems being faced by the earth from which it is having a detrimental repercussion on humans as a whole without them admitting it? The answer to it is multi-fold without any tangible solution of all the mighty brains. There is global warming, climate change, extinction of species vital for a balanced ecological system, population explosion, social conflicts, new diseases never heard of before in my parent’s times and still counting malice.

The reason for all of this is human’s nefarious activities towards it for the love of economic gain. He with the help of his supercilious brain has given him technology which he uses to manufacture goods and other necessities which he believes makes life fuller. A production change has been created by him with incessant demand for it. It gives some power to keep the machine going on and on.

This giant of a mammoth needs resources which has to come from somewhere and that is the earth. It has altered the natural process that the earth functions by, plus the aftermath of the goods produced add more stress to the already damaged eco and biological system, either killing the natural species or altering the form by the changes it cause to the biosphere, the thin strip where land, water and air mingles with each other.

For us to revert back to the natural state that the earth once was, we has humans have to sacrifice every single thing that technology and economics has given us.

This is easier said than done because technology and economics has put power in the hands of wealth and once that is gained, no one wants to looses. For without it, the person becomes humble and has to lead the life of some one common who lives off the boughs of his own sweat. This is neither a possibility for him nor for his loved one. All while the matters on earth are becoming from bad to worse. This is the prime reason that the earth is beyond redemption and we along with all species are on the destructive path of annihilation to become a Mars.

William Pitts