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Woodpecker Video

Woodpecker in my Backyard

There is no more joy of hearing the sound of a woodpecker specially while you are compelled to live in a city. That is because the tall buildings have overtaken the space that was once meant for trees. These creatures that once lived in the same spot for years or their ancestors now no longer find it home.

I had the opportunity and joy of getting the sound of a woodpecker coming from my backyard. Fortunately, it has some trees around. This part of the day the sound of humans are at it minimum so not only could this bird go about it business of building its home in peace, but also lets us know that its build activities is also melodious to the ears of other creatures not like those of the human activity.

I quickly ran out with my camera and recorded its pecking against the tree after locating it in the foliage of the growth of trees. It gave me the joy of recording it for about 30 seconds before it flew off, mostly probably it was disturbed by come coming human being, or a crow that are the only birds that love the city.

Below is the video which I would like to share with you so that you can take a piece of natural joy of the woodpecker building its home.

I hope you have enjoyed this video of the woodpecker as much as I have enjoyed filming it.