Becoming A Successful Fashion Designer

Do you have it in you to become a successful fashion designer? Yes, there might be some trends that point in that direction that might start at an early age, such as reading fashion magazine like Vogue, visiting fashion blogs, and having the urge to follow in the steps of those iconic fashion figures, but this does not mean that you are cut out to become a fashion designer in the first instance. You need to follow likely means that can point you in the right direction if all goes right.

The glamour and glitter has allured many girls and women into becoming fashion designers, but this does not necessarily mean that you are cut out for the business of it.

The list of top skills would go a long way in helping you in the fashion world.

Creativity and Artistic Skills

Is it in you that you have the appreciation for the art that it takes in music, fine arts and dancing? The inborn qualities of it helps you in drawing creativity that is associated with them. You draw from another art into the art of making fabulous designs for your own art. The imagination which goes into the creation of others comes in circles back to what you have at hand.

Strong Drawing Skills

To make any clothing as it should be first has to be created in the mind and for the details of it must be recorded before it goes into reality of it being physically feasible. This takes drawing skills – having drawing skills in a the fashion world of creativity is a must for fine details. The better you are at sketching and colour combination, the better, is what you create on paper before it goes into productions.

Eye for Detail

A fashion designer not only needs to know how to draw but as well have a good eye for details that go into his creation.

Where the pleats go right, how would a the embroidery working look at a specific angle, where ruffling might looks a bit more alluring etc. The eye for such details visualized go a long way in creating something from good to a master piece.

The Knowledge of Texture, Colour and Fabric

Texture, fabric and colour play a vital part in a good design.

Knowing whether one fabric goes well with and specific colour and texture is a must for a combinations of what clothing and a proper design is meant to be. Wrong combinations leads to a disfigurement of the design in what you have created. It one in the proper ways will lead to a wonderful designed work. Knowledge of which one works with which is absolutely necessary in the world of fashion designing.

Strong skilful visualization

Without having the ability of what you what to create and what the end product should look like on another person will just get you a creation that becomes a simple piece of clothing on anybody. Strong skilful visualization is a absolute must in fashion designing even before you really get started.

Good Communicating and interpersonal skills

Being a person who is good at communicating with colleagues and interacting with others bring ideas to the drawing board fasters. Ideas take better shape when it collective and it is not all that different in the world when it comes to fashion. Acknowledging other’s ideas bring fresh ideas to mind.

A Good Business Sense

Understanding how the market forces work and what is in league, knowing what style people want and which age group do you designs cater to, helps to create better fashionable stuff. Hence making you financial viable. It is always goods to study the psychological trends as to the needs of people in desire for their clothing.

The competitive Spirit

The ability to work in a competitive environment where the other is not your enemy but someone you are up against in the same field makes you stronger in your decisions as to regards of your creations. Ultimately, it is the choice of the people to desire what you have created against theirs. Being able to create fashion in clothing that stands against the other is an additional asset.

Able to Work in A Team

The ability to work with others and accept when others are right and you are wrong, makes collect effort in designs better. You might miss out what others catch. The input of additional ideas make things only better and stronger.

Taking an Interest in current trends

Knowing what is catching the interest of the masses and what is taking the market presently to make you aware of what will sell. You creations should be inline with what people want. You might create a master piece but as along as no one is interest, then it is neither good for you or your business.

Finally the world of fashion designing is a world of its own. Much comes from the time and patience that you must bear for it to give and be rewarding to you.

Boho Clothes

Boho clothes are the term might suggest to many that it stands for beautiful clothes even though one might get it under lined red in a word processor. That is because it is not an English word as a whole but never the less used by many to signify precisely that.

Bohemian Clothing

Almost all the dictionaries of the English language will not have them in it and if they do, then it will only fall into the category that means slang. Yes, it is a slang like many slangs that have crept into the English language from another’s native language and in this case in came in from French. Even in that language it has actually derived from the word which is also used in the English Language.

The words from which can be said to have derive somehow is bohemian which with a better understanding means beautiful in French and is in some way inextricably connected to clothes. Since Bohemian somewhat is a complicated word to use so it might have been shortened to boho when referring to beautiful clothes. So hence came the expression “boho clothes”.

Now coming to the second part of the argument, what can be referred to as beautiful clothes so that they can be termed as boho clothes and fact they actually are.

As with everything in life, something might be special and nice to someone and might be the total opposite to another. Why is this so? This because we as humans have the tendency never to see the same thing in the same light. The same can be said about clothes.

Yet, we can refer to clothes being boho clothes just as the same as an elected leader is held to his office to rule the roost in a democracy all because of him or her getting the lion’s share of people choosing him. The same is the thing about beautiful clothes. The more that call it beautiful the greater strength it garners towards the positive side of being anointed the slang boho.

No we come closer to the logical conclusion of the argument. Which, what and how, can clothes get this tag to them? Clothes by themselves do not have the magic them to create this but when clothes with the combination of many elements in them along with how it falls on the body and by whom it is worn and who is it created by, most of the time gets this stigmatization to it.

If this happens then you would find that many would try to mimic the patterns and lessen the price so that they can get a part of the pie. This is when it loses the flavour of beauty. Yet, you can get these boho clothes from our hippie clothes shop not only at a reasonable price but you are sure to really get bohemian clothes as it rightly should be called

Nepali Beauties

Cool Looks

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but when it comes to Nepali beauties, a large percentage of eyes of the beholder lie in the proper direction. Nepal has much to offer besides it natural beauty, leave alone the damsels of the contemporary world. Just to give you glimpse, there are some for your appreciation.The Nepali Beauty has managed to adapt to the western world and take to the trends in fashions according to the season and take pride in accentuating her beauty to all with a bit of her culture added into the clothing trend of the day.

malina joshi

torn black beauty

Its summer man

The best pair of legs

Rojina Shrestha

Rojina Shrestha

Rojina Shrestha

Nikita Chandak

Zenisha Moktan