Boho Clothes

Boho Clothes

Boho clothes are the term might suggest to many that it stands for beautiful clothes even though one might get it under lined red in a word processor. That is because it is not an English word as a whole but never the less used by many to signify precisely that.

Bohemian Clothing

Almost all the dictionaries of the English language will not have them in it and if they do, then it will only fall into the category that means slang. Yes, it is a slang like many slangs that have crept into the English language from another’s native language and in this case in came in from French. Even in that language it has actually derived from the word which is also used in the English Language.

The words from which can be said to have derive somehow is bohemian which with a better understanding means beautiful in French and is in some way inextricably connected to clothes. Since Bohemian somewhat is a complicated word to use so it might have been shortened to boho when referring to beautiful clothes. So hence came the expression “boho clothes”.

Now coming to the second part of the argument, what can be referred to as beautiful clothes so that they can be termed as boho clothes and fact they actually are.

As with everything in life, something might be special and nice to someone and might be the total opposite to another. Why is this so? This because we as humans have the tendency never to see the same thing in the same light. The same can be said about clothes.

Yet, we can refer to clothes being boho clothes just as the same as an elected leader is held to his office to rule the roost in a democracy all because of him or her getting the lion’s share of people choosing him. The same is the thing about beautiful clothes. The more that call it beautiful the greater strength it garners towards the positive side of being anointed the slang boho.

No we come closer to the logical conclusion of the argument. Which, what and how, can clothes get this tag to them? Clothes by themselves do not have the magic them to create this but when clothes with the combination of many elements in them along with how it falls on the body and by whom it is worn and who is it created by, most of the time gets this stigmatization to it.

If this happens then you would find that many would try to mimic the patterns and lessen the price so that they can get a part of the pie. This is when it loses the flavour of beauty. Yet, you can get these boho clothes from our hippie clothes shop not only at a reasonable price but you are sure to really get bohemian clothes as it rightly should be called

Nepali Beauties

Nepali Beauties

Cool Looks

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but when it comes to Nepali beauties, a large percentage of eyes of the beholder lie in the proper direction. Nepal has much to offer besides it natural beauty, leave alone the damsels of the contemporary world. Just to give you glimpse, there are some for your appreciation.The Nepali Beauty has managed to adapt to the western world and take to the trends in fashions according to the season and take pride in accentuating her beauty to all with a bit of her culture added into the clothing trend of the day.

malina joshi

torn black beauty

Its summer man

The best pair of legs

Rojina Shrestha

Rojina Shrestha

Rojina Shrestha

Nikita Chandak

Zenisha Moktan




hot summer clothes

Hot Summer Clothes

Mini Summer DressCome summer and we look for hot summer clothes. This is especially true if we have happen to fall into the feminine gender. Clothes not only help to cover us from the shame but also plays a vital role enhancing our very personality and making us whom we are to the world. It also makes us look more appealing. Appeals is much about life and living it. especially in this modern world.

What to wear in Summer?

The less the merrier. But this does not mean that we ought to be totally nude. It would not first of ally be proper and secondly, the world would think that we have gone mad. You would find a totally insane person walking down the road with nothing on and in a proper society he would be taken to the lunatic asylum for medication.

So the next best bet would to be less as possible all the while trying to make how we look more appealing. So to be on the safer side would be skirts, dress and tops made specially from cotton. Cotton has the effect of cooling the body and making us feel comfortable when it is worn.

So it might be said that short dresses, skirts, and tops made from cotton would be a nice combination when it comes to summer clothing. They allow the air to circulate touching our skin to the parts which are exposed and allow excessive heat that build up in the body to safely escape which otherwise would not be possible if covered by clothes.

White Mini SkirtBut at the same time, we should not allow much of the skin to be directly exposed to the sun. The sun happens to make the skin darken when in direct contact with its rays, because of the natural melanic acid that acts as a sun protection cream. If we want to become darker in complexion then it is no problem.

If your only priority is looking good, then hot  summer clothes, of nice petite flowers with embroidery working and with see through lace working of floral nature takes on a nice look and enhances the appeal.

White clothes whether it skirts, dresses or tops, helps to bounce of the sun’s rays and does not allow the sun to heat the body up leading into perspirations leading to a bad odour of the body.

Finally for hot summer clothes to look good on a person, it is the shape or in other words the figure that plays a vital part. So keep the body propers, that you do not look too fat nor too thin. Neither of the two opposite side make clothes appealing on the body to other nor does the person.

So with the short skirts, dress and top the designs and the patterns on them also help in the temperament of how you look. They are part and parcel of the same coin.

Its summer man

Hippie Clothes

Hippie Clothes

A pair of Nepali Beauties, one a slit maxi skirt and a tank top and the other with tees and a three quarter pair of dungarees. Keeping it cool is a mantra for bother you and the other. Being and feeling cool is the sway in KTM

Hippie clothes is something that is on everyone’s mind when one comes to clothes, but what exactly is this form of clothing that makes the mind race. Getting to the heart of the matter is always best to look at the word hippie.

According to the wikipedia, the word hippie is¬†“A hippie (or hippy) is a member of a liberal counterculture, originally a youth movement that started in the United States and the United Kingdom during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world”.

The group of people wanted to counter the culture that was imposed upon them against their will by the mainstream of society. In other words they we mavericks against dictates of a proper social life back them. They wanted to have the freedom to do as they wished in all forms of life. That included the clothing they wore.

To rebel against something, what better way to show it but by your clothing and so the clothes which the hippies wore – which could have been anything but not was usually seen worn by others came to be called hippie clothes because it was worn by that group of crazy people.

Yet, for this form of clothing to actually take a real form of its own, took some time to change. This change practically came about, when the so called hippie groups began to look for places where they felt that they would not be prosecuted for their beliefs. They started to migrate to fresher pastures mostly in the oriental lands.

Such lands were found in the Indian subcontinent and some of the Persian Gulf countries. Here people left them to themselves and they adopted some of the clothes which were worn by the natives there. Slowly there was an integration of their clothing styles and what they found in their surrounds and a new line of clothing styles that can be truly be called hippie clothes came about.

Written By

William Pitts

Fashion in Kathmandu

People from the rest of the would be made to be, there is no fashion in Kathmandu, but to the contrary, it is totally the opposite. The youths, specially the females want to let the world know that we are not far behind your predilections, if not better.

Gone are the days as if it has gone with the wind, that the social fabric consists of traditional clothing. Yet the same is still there with some add ups and used on cultural occasions. We do not want to leave out tradition behind nor do we want to be left out of the lime light.

The female likes to show off her covers, which is the natural way off attracting the opposite sex, just as the peacock does when the peahen is around. Tight pants like clinging pants and jeans are the norm of the day not only with the very young girls but surprisingly with the middle aged women who does not mind flaunting the bit of extra weight in them.

Tight T-shirts and blouses to match with the bottom is seen on most to compliment the bottom to accentuate the figure further. The cosmetic trade is a booming industry along with the many parlours that dot the streets in every nook and corner, tells the story further of the craze for a proper hair do and a complexion to match. The fairer the better with kajol for the eyelashes to make the face take a contour to match sharpness of features.

Short pants portraying a lovely pair of legs or short skirts would also be seen in the summer months among those who would dare the stares of not only the young but also the elderly. These were not the norm back in their good old days. Only that it is better now.

Most of what is sold in the market and what is worn is now imported from other countries as the brand you wear also tells the story of who your are in your social circle. Along with the clothing worn a matching purse for the females and a bike for the males is now become a part and parcel of fashion in Kathmandu. Not forgetting the footwear. 99% of what is worn is some of the most expensive and it was shame their western counterparts to shame.

Where you buy your clothing stuff is also another haunt. You want to be known also that your shopping is done in a mall and not the footpath. You get good stuff there never the less, but that caters mainly to the lowest order of society. Sadly you would not be able to tell one apart from the other.

Cosmetic stuff like face wash, fairness creams and different perfumes have a good market, as she does not only want to look fashionable but also smell and feel good. It gives have a sense of esteem and good smells might also be your lucky day – who is to know!

Fashion does not go to the clothing on top but also the clothing worn under who is to know when that has also to be seen. Be prepared! That is the thought you might have to change when you go for a swim in front of your friends in summer and no same person would want to be jeered upon for looking good above but shabby under.

Fashion in Kathmandu is not only the norm in the capital, it has hit even the rural areas. There might be a slight difference but the girls want to look good and fashionable there too. Who is to know when you would have to take out a selfie.

So if you happening to believe that fashion is not there then you are absolutely wrong. Fashion in Kathmandu might put you to shame. So please come prepared to expect the opposite.


William Pitts