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A Year of Donald Trump

What a year it has been since Donald Trump took office about precisely this day on the 26th of January 2017. Not only the Americans but also the rest of the world did not know if it was standing on their heads or their feets. There has been no let up from his eccentric behaviour and going by his pattern till date, we don’t know whether we will have to bear with it for another three years.

He came into office with a never expected win – a win in which he won with the electoral college falling into his favour and not by the popular vote, a system by which the president of the United States is elected. He just has to pass the magic number irrespective if the majority of the American people voted for him.

Getting the electoral college in his favour has also fallen into controversy where it its felt that the Russian had a hand in it in someway. This had brought Muller the specially counselor to probe into the matter whether their was any collusion between Donald Trumps campaign and the Russian. Just about a year is up and Muller is seemingly to interview Donald after having completed the rest of his probe and a number of arrangements, indictments, and leads.

He, the one year old president stands on shaky ground. His ratings have been on a roller coaster ride always at the lower half of the 50% ladder. Much has happening with his behaviour to bring out his eccentric mood passionately shown by his tweeting habit where he cares two damns to what he says in it as long as he feels it puts him in good stead.

He has pulled the Americans out of the climatic change accord, torn the controversial trade pacts, gone head on to confront the leadership of another nation not with logic but with childlike critics so much not allow people around the world to know whether they are on the bring of a second nuclear war. He uses brash language in his United Nation’s address.

He calls the poor countries shit holes when it comes to the issue of migration policy that the government is trying to frame. Bring an uproar in Africa and other nations around the world.

He has made his republican majority senate rewrite the tax code giving short term relief as it seems but eventually favouring the rich and in the long run having the poor to bear the blunt of it.

As he comes into office set of a controversy of banning people from seven or more countries where the independent judiciary of the country had to rein him in to a great extend.

His wall promised to be built between the United States and Mexico has in no way taken off and till date the Mexicans are showing no inclinations that they are going to pay for it.

The list of the impact that a year of Donald Trump has had on the American people and the world can go on. It is simply a wonder that we have managed to survive with such uncertainty of not knowing what can come next. Anything and everything is possible with a mad man as the President of the United States. Unfortunately he has not made America Great Again. In fact it is the other ways around. He has made America the laughing stock of the world.