No Place For White Supremacists

There is no place for white supremacists, leave alone any form of any cultural supremacy. Sadly, this is not the case. This issue of one race trying to be superior than the next is not an issue confined to the united states but with the rest of the world.

Not the colour of our skin or the amount of wealth makes one superior over the other. In fact, it is the mind which actual is the one to dictate how superior one is over the next. Taking this into context and the contribution that the Japanese and the people from Israel have given can make them superior or the next.

Thought a particular group might feel superior all because of being the first inhabitants in a particular area. They are made to feel that way all because they are given vent to their cause by their leaders. Take for instance Donald Trump, saying nothing at first then equivocating the wrongs to the white supremacist of the country to those against them it is amply clear in – Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost  

In the past it might have been the case to survive, that if we stick together, we manage the live better. Now in the modern world, where security apparatuses are in place to safeguard us. There is no such need for such egos. In fact it is the intelligence of the mind which plays a vital part.

It is only natural that groups are formed to counter supremacist because the collective whole of those in this have the same right to benefits that are enshrined in the law of the land.

White supremacist is an issues that was not confined to the United States alone. Germany had its share of it and after World War II, the rewritten constitution bans it. Yet, it has cropped its head up again in the form of Neo-Nazism so as to align with the White Supremacist of the United States and other countries having a large white race.

Like Nazism that got its rise from the the economic condition of the times. It just required a catalysts – which came in the form of Adolf Hitler. In this case at present, those who now feel alienated from the white community all because they are not do as well in life as they feel they ought to do, fall prey to this.

Donald Trump being a white man himself and having fortunately won the presidency due to the queer function of the electoral college of the United States spared in great forms by these fringe white supremacist groups in the country, knows fully well that his survival now depends in keeping the brotherhood strong, now that the damage he has done with his superiority ecentre behaviour both within his administrations and his party in the senate.

To kill a mockingbird, that is what he has done, those that are white and those that are brown and those that are different orientation must rise to the occasions and tell this president that it is time to disembark the bus. For I see no reason that an insane make continues to make a mockery to one of the greatest nations on earth. When he is out, white supremacists will slowly fade just has black lives matter from the news when Obama left.


Facebook Takes People for a Ride

The Truth About Facebook

Facebook one of the leading social Medias, is far from what it actually seems to be. Before, I can make such accusations, I would be better to ask you this question, “What is the primary purpose of a social media?” The answer for that is quite straightforward, “That it is to connect society by a platform irrespective of the means it uses.” But, is Facebook doing so. In my experience no longer, it has become a platform for basically earning doe for the company and the shareholders.

When this becomes the primary concern and the means by which it goes about the business, then it becomes simply a company and looses the status of being called so.

Yes, in the modern age, when you are using the internet, there are certain amount of bills to pay and to keep body, soul and mind alive and how much does that take. But this so called social media giant has outlived the tag.

After all the founder of the company, started this trend in a clandestine manner while cheating his friend and some others whom lent him the cash to start the initiative in the early days. Those habits do not die hard; it just appears in another form.

The experience I had is I bet is the same experience that many others are having. I stopped using FaceBook, after I found that they were too expensive to advertise on. In my mail box to the email id that this social media has of mine (mind you – the law requires that all info is deleted from the company’s data base on the WWW according to the right to be forgotten) but to the contrary it is a different story.

Somehow they want you back when they understand that they can in some way make money off you. So the data base is never removed, but by the algorithm they profile you. That portfolio makes the algorithm send out mails. Remember these are made and installed by people and people own Facebooks. This means that FaceBook allows it all because they can make money.

The means are so clandestine, that they send you coupons of so many dollars where with it you get so much amount of advertisement free of cost. Why would people not like free advertisement for their business, if they could drive traffic to their business and get sales. If it would then they are willing to further use their service by paying also. But that is not the case with Facebook, they have a very dark built in system, that draws you into actually making you pay for the free coupon. That coupon is actually not free but a trap to draw out first to see if they service is good for you.

Each post that you put has a link below to boost it. You put a post to go to the circle of family and friends. Instead of that you are getting more post of people who are trying to boast their post rather than actually getting from your circle. You are tracked by this social media giant to put adds as they believe that is relevant to your surfing behavior by how you use their service.

Finally Facebook besides trying to draw an make money off you by clandestine means has more data about you than any intelligent agency has – very dangerous for a none law agency to possess. They are using this data to further their cause and become a government within a government in various countries. How is this known. Simply delete your account, but your account is never deleted as even after a year if you log into Facebook, you are welcomed back like a prodigal son and all you data restored. Isn’t it ironic, that when you delete you account which means that all that is associated with you is deleted from their data base regarding you.

Google as been fined billions of dollars on the case of your “right to be forgotten” and their are many like me out there, so why is Facebook not being penalized by the EU or any other government for illegally keeping peoples data after they no longer want to use their social media service.

Nepali Beauties

Cool Looks

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but when it comes to Nepali beauties, a large percentage of eyes of the beholder lie in the proper direction. Nepal has much to offer besides it natural beauty, leave alone the damsels of the contemporary world. Just to give you glimpse, there are some for your appreciation.The Nepali Beauty has managed to adapt to the western world and take to the trends in fashions according to the season and take pride in accentuating her beauty to all with a bit of her culture added into the clothing trend of the day.

malina joshi

torn black beauty

Its summer man

The best pair of legs

Rojina Shrestha

Rojina Shrestha

Rojina Shrestha

Nikita Chandak

Zenisha Moktan