Content Writer

Content writer can do magic for your site or blog if it falls in the right hands as one can imagine as in the present world where our very presence is intractably linked economically to the virtual world in which we live – that is the internet for where we show our presence presently. The various search engines demand that we do well in people’s searches if our presence is to be acknowledged.

A content writer is king for your search engine presence provided what you want of him and he is able to deliver in the right direction as all are not made in the same colour.

You want your site to be found much more closer to the first page, then much of it depends on a number of factors as to the dictates of the algorithms the search engines have formulated and much of this formulation depends on your written content. The more you are found the more business for you unless you can pay in the form of advertisements to be found, which is a mighty expensive preposition unless your business has the extra cash to sustain in the long run.

How Can A Content Writer Help You?

How could help as a content writer? I can simply help you by selling my skills as a writer and knowledge of research into topics that you have in mind for your blog, site or social media for a price, irrespective of which genre your site or blog might be.

Writing does not meant that you have to have the necessary field of qualifications. It is simply understanding the matter at hand and manipulating it to bring out the true intent for the right purpose without it being pilfered from someone else. Search engines do not like that nor do I. Content needs to be original and content needs be your own. That is why; I said in the first place that all are not made in the same colour.

In the short run, you might get you your expectations, but that does not play out in broader arena. Instead of going forward, your presence in the search engines begin to take a nose dive after a time. Sadly, you have seen the true colours, just like Cyndi Lauper’s Song.

What do I charge? That depends all on what you want from me as a content writer. I can just tell you this I charge from the time, the research, the how much you want me to write. All of it just depends on a number of facts. Plus, you can hire my writing expertise on the time factor or the amount factor. Either way, I am going to charge that need to sustain me for the time spent.

Get Written Content

So if you are satisfied as what you believe I am to be as a content writer, you can get in contact with me via the contact form on this site and my reply back to you all depends on me not taking you as a fraud or a spammer. Please remember that I deal only in written content not visual.

William Pitts