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IELTS Listening Module

Today I start off by telling you something about the IELTS listening module . Out of the four modules, it is the first one that you will be tested for. In this module, the format and the way it is conducted, is the same for both, the general as well as the academic tests.

The lELTS listening module test is more or less a one hour test and you are likely to finish it sooner than later. In it, you are made to listen to audio recording of various kinds and while doing so answer a number of question that are objective in nature on a separate answer sheet from what is indicated on the question paper.

Tentatively, the questions and the audio is broken into four sets of different kinds where in any one of them you can be expected to listen to a monologue, a dialogue or a group discussion of three or more people on a variety of topics and substances. Each set has ten questions, that, when you are listening to the audio is to find the answers from.

The audio is played only once and the answers fall in a sequence which might come in successions or after a bit of delay, all depending. As you believe that you have got the answer, you can write it down on your question paper, but later after all four sets of audios are played, you will be given ten minutes to transfer them to your answer sheet according to the question number given there.

You must only transfer what you have market or written which will not be more than three words at the most. Care must be taken that you do not transfer the correct answer to another question number as it will be taken as incorrect.

Listening to the audio and answering on your question paper will not taken more than thirty five minutes and the transferring will be another additional ten minutes. So in total, it will come to about forty five minutes.

Once you have finished with the IELTS listening module, after about ten minute’s gap, you will take the IELTS reading module test.

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