Life is a journey from birth to death. We neither know what had come before we were born and only learn of it while on our life's journey. The same goes for us after death. People with their dogmatic beliefs which which have inured with the passing of time tend to believe else. This is how I would surmise living in a nutshell.

We have only one life and on its journey, we perceive much with the senses that our persona beset upon us. The brain analyses it with the different emotions and that eventually begins to form who we are in person. I am not different from the average individual - where I have seen, heard, felt and have been done upon by much by the behaviour of others.

Like everybody else, there is much in a story to write - stories sometimes can be simply stories, sometimes the absolute facts, and sometimes manipulated to the whims and tastes of the person behind it. Nevertheless, that is how he felt that it should be and it is up to us to take it how it is or simply leave it how it is making our own beliefs and judgements about how it ought to be.

Each in our own part and parcel of this world - which is unique in its own way in infinity and within our realms of thought cannot be replicated, have felt and seen life differently. Yet, there is much to learn from the tales of others; for another man's reality is another man's tale. We all suffer consequences, sorrows, joys, happiness and other emotions. If we didn't than we cannot call ourselves humanity and the word humanity would have never exist.

Taking the rationality of how the world feels to me, I write on a number of topics which may suit an array of audiences from my journey from birth to death. Some the truth, some simply just lies, some to stir the passion of the vicarious human soul. I leave it up to you to make the final judgement.

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Justification of wickedness

The Justification of the Wicked

Looking into the Mind of Evil The justification of the wicked is such that he would like to show that he contrary to the proven facts that he is so. Wicked people believe that they are not wicked and they mentally feel what they do is justified as good. When can an action be said […]

Freedom of Speech

The Price of Freedom of Speech

Why it Matters? What is the price of freedom of speech? The reply is nothing else as it all depend on people to people and how much they are able to tolerate the facts when they are the target of it. You can be praised for it for bring out the truth, you can be […]


Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley is a leafy herb plant which originated from the Mediterranean area of South Italy, Algeria and Tunisia. It belongs to the Apiaceae plant family. It has been planted for over two thousand years domestically. Initially it was used as a medicinal plant but later became and ingredient for food. The health benefits of parsley […]

Indian Gooseberry

Health Benefits of Amla

Amla is better understood as the Indian gooseberry, tree found mostly found in the Indian subcontinent in the lower ranges of the wet forest in the mountain ranges. The fruit is ripens in the ending of the wet summer season and the beginning of autumn. This wild fruit has countless health benefits and has long […]

the tweeting president

A Tweeting President

A tweeting president is Donald Trump. I do not have to let you know what tweets are as all of us living in this contemporary know what it is. A number of characters under limitations that are posted into your twitter account. It helps to allow others to know what’s on your mind in the […]

Value of Money

The Value of Money

The value of money can be taken as how much you can get of a particular thing with the surety of the object made to guarantee its purchase. Before understanding the value of money, it is better to understand what is money itself and how it plays a part in the human social order. The […]

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again has become the mantra of a great part of the Americans after the pandering of their now president starting off during his bid for the White House. The irony is this greatness lies in the acts of what you do towards others and the absence of it on a collective scale […]


The Long Tale of Horror

The mind is bent on getting what we all call the pleasure from life. Everything around it should sound, feel and be absorbed as pleasing to the mind. Then you begin to feel as if you are in a state of bliss. Yet, that is hardly the case and if it was so then you […]