The World As It Is

Get to know the world as I see it. A blog site for information, news, fashion, health, corruption, the environment and much more as seen through my eyes and perceived by my senses. It just takes a little time to see what I have in store for you. They world is a small place as big as it may be. Yet, there is much we know about it and there is yet a lot more to know. The truth of what is happening around us is infinite. All it takes is a bit of patience to get a bit more information just to add to our bank of infinitive knowledge.

Knowledge the more we gain restores power to the seeker of it and opens avenues which otherwise might not be there for those with less of it. It is never complete even at the shadows of life, but that should not stop us from gaining as much as we can.

I am trying to do my part in this world of infinity both for you and myself as well. I gain from what I can provide for in bringing to you I am learning at the same time. It just adds to my kitty bag of knowing and hence giving me more knowledge of the world around me from which I draw when I am in need of it. I bring to you resources that may or may not be of value. Yet, I still put it our as I perceive it as the my arrow from my bow may land somewhere and one day, I might hear the tune that I composed sometime in the past. Take what might be of use to you and leave the rest for someone else.
All the best.

Save Our Planet Earth

The world is a beautiful place according to the plans of nature, we humans have no right to alter it for our own egos, there is much we can do to mitigate the impact of our activities on earth while enjoy the plethora of pleasures that it has to offer. Are we trying even a bit on part to leave the earth in its bounty of goodness for our future generations? The answers is left to you.

My sincere request is to enjoy life at the fullest within the ambits of earth’s ways and you will see much more than the consumer world has to offer.

William Pitts