Life is a journey from birth to death. We neither know what had come before we were born and only learn of it while on our life's journey. The same goes for us after death. People with their dogmatic beliefs which which have inured with the passing of time tend to believe else. This is how I would surmise living in a nutshell.

We have only one life and on its journey, we perceive much with the senses that our persona beset upon us. The brain analyses it with the different emotions and that eventually begins to form who we are in person. I am not different from the average individual - where I have seen, heard, felt and have been done upon by much by the behaviour of others.

Like everybody else, there is much in a story to write - stories sometimes can be simply stories, sometimes the absolute facts, and sometimes manipulated to the whims and tastes of the person behind it. Nevertheless, that is how he felt that it should be and it is up to us to take it how it is or simply leave it how it is making our own beliefs and judgements about how it ought to be.

Each in our own part and parcel of this world - which is unique in its own way in infinity and within our realms of thought cannot be replicated, have felt and seen life differently. Yet, there is much to learn from the tales of others; for another man's reality is another man's tale. We all suffer consequences, sorrows, joys, happiness and other emotions. If we didn't than we cannot call ourselves humanity and the word humanity would have never exist.

Taking the rationality of how the world feels to me, I write on a number of topics which may suit an array of audiences from my journey from birth to death. Some the truth, some simply just lies, some to stir the passion of the vicarious human soul. I leave it up to you to make the final judgement.

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Belled Cat

The Best Way to Bell a Cat

Just like people, there is no easy way to place a bell around a cat. There are reasons a cat would not like being belled. The same can be said for people who are like cats. They, both, have the same characteristics or else it would have been easy to place a bell around their […]

Make America Great Again

The Conman Called Donald Trump

Every leap year the United States holds it primaries for the two major parties and then from it two candidates are pitted against each other for the presidency of the country. Unfortunately, it so happens that this time in the fray, from the Republican side, is standing the conman called Donald. Sadly for the American […]

Beyond Redemption

The earth has gone beyond redemptions for the state into which it has been made by human activities. The ecological system is in total tatters with different groups giving their prognoses and diagnoses. Yet, with all of them things stay the same. That is because for things to really revert back to what it once […]

Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days which I once knew when I was a child. There are two totally different pictures – presently and then. How has the world changed. Yes, it has changed in every aspect that one can no longer imagine. I believe that my son who was born on the dawn of the new […]

The Journey From Birth To Death

The journey from birth to death is simply this only, we are born to die. Whatever happens between these two periods of time is just a story of our individual selves. It was William Shakespeare that told in a poem the seven stages of life but more psychologically. Does the truth simply mean than or […]

For A Bottle Of Grog

It is sad but I have a story to tell for a bottle of grog, that is if you could afford it. Never the less, I will tell it anyway. With a head full of liquor is naturally the best way to tell a story as it becomes all the more exciting, not only for […]

The Landlord’s Impunity

Kathmandu is a city where the landlord’s impunity to do as one pleases is seen nowhere else. I do not how one is allowed to get away with so much while violating the human rights of another person. Nepal is a country where the per capita income is less than two hundred dollars a year, […]

Under The Table

Under the table is in context to the corruption which prevails with impunity in Nepal. You might say why would venal acts be done under and not over, well, that is because some respect must be given to the act itself as it makes some wealthy for the duty they ought to do free of […]