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Rural Lifestyle

A Simple Life

A rural lifestyle is much simpler than what one would find in the urban areas which is its from one day to another in hopes of making money just to spend it over and to go all over the cycle of it again.

The video of “Rural Lifestyle” is a short glimpse of how folks go about life with talk and the squabbling of different family members while caring two hoots of others presence. Talk is simple and on day to day living where each day is of importance but not stressful.

On the contrary, living cities makes you self conscious of every little thing right from your appearance to how your home looks. Everyday is an expensive day as you need to compete with your neighbour, and others that exist in society for basically much of what you actually do not need to live a happy life.

You are deprived of living a actually happy life as you are full of stress as how you are going to provide for yourself and for other family members and the others in the family have the same agenda on their mind as how they are going to economically benefit.

So this video I made of rural lifestyle will in some way help to alleviate some of the stress I hope. So with the help of this video, I hope you folks would consider keeping your wallets back at home and getting out into the rural areas of your country and living the simple life that comes with it.

You would find that rural lifestyle has much to teach us not only with the economic side of life but also make us understand that life itself is not money and that there is a bigger picture to it. Once we get this. Life becomes much simpler for us than complicated that we make it.

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