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Why Did Stephen Paddock Massacre

Reading the Mind of a Psychopath

Getting into the mind as to why did Stephen Paddock Massacre people from the floor of the 32 storey Mandaly Bay Hotel is basically a complex question by itself. The decisions that people make which leads to their action has a starting point somewhere. With much of what he did has left even the best of investigators in the dark, all we can do is to fathom.

There is hardly much of what we know of this psychopath – that is what he can be referred to after knowing that man of such character kind unfold such terror and misery on innocent people on the mass scale for which in no probable way they are not culpable.

What do we know of Steven Paddock that has trickled out to us from the news media. One he is associated with a women of interest, who by herself is not associated with the crime. He was a passionate gambler. He was an accountant. From his action he was wicked and evil (This comes to us now only after his action, my link to my post will explain further).

As he has planned in such precision, that it is obvious that his intended aim was to inflict mass causalities of death and injuries which unfortunately he managed to succeed. For a person to have such tendency, it has to originate in the mind and heart and this comes about when one is inflicted with something when he feels that injustice is done on him from the actions of others which he has not control over. The only means is to take his revenge even if his own life goes. The though of it gives him satisfaction and he gloats over it.

Since he has done it on mass scale to people he does not know of and not in anyway to his immediate family, it only tells us one think, that he believes, that harm was done to him in someway by the general public.

You got to remember that he was a gambler. Gambling is an addition where you never win, by so caught up with the idea of becoming wealthy beyond means of avarice. But as we all know a gambler never wins. He might be lucky to win from time to time, but more goes out in the long run of the habit.

If we check his financial records, 99.9 percent of the chances would lead to showing us of his diminishing wealth he made in his investments as an accountant. It hurts mind you to realise that at one junction in your life, you had this much and now it is much, much less than before.

Who do you blame? Not yourself mind you – you blame in on the system who allows you to take you money. Legal gambling dens like casinos make a lot of money and since they are legal gambling centres, pay heavy taxes. In turn, Stephen believed that the public robbed him of his money.

How better way to take revenge for the deeds inflicted upon him, do a deed that kills on a mass scale for the general public is now eating his money and the people like casinos that allowed it to happen. His actions would allow the slowing down of business and pinch gambling dens like casinos and Las Vegas as a matter of fact. People would find them less secure now. His life does not matter not for he has lost everything with his habit. But he must have felt that he must take revenge for the injustice done on him.

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