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A Tale of Two Thoughts

Man manifests himself in many ways and out of them is his thoughts by which dictates his behaviour. The collection of this leads how society begins to thinks as a whole. How things are ought to be done, in which way one ought to eat and dress, and furthermore his morality towards his social order. This brings out the cultural aspect of he is to function towards others in his sphere and he towards them.

Else may be taken as alien, and the person who brings about it may seem out of place in what he is doing or saying though it might be the correct way in which he see and believes things ought to happen. In ways it may be correct to a greater social order, but this does not make him correct in the present sphere or the circle in which he is. This brings about a tale of two thoughts – which one of them are correct.

Taking advantage of this one can come to consider the difference between good and bad, correct and incorrect. How are we to define which of them is in which place, for something can be good in one place and yet bad in another. Taking having a second spouse for example, some accept it as a fact and in another social order, it will be considered a bad practise and laws might be put in place to make it illegal and a person imprisoned.

When it comes to such as situations as the tale of two thought and we are encountered by it, how do we go about the business of considering which one to accept and vice versa? The simple explanation is to accept the ratiocination of the mind as which one is the better option. For what might be right in a place may have long terms implication. Take for example smoking which has been proved to be detrimental for health, but in that particular social order, it is a good practice to smoke.

Your ratiocination might tell you that it would give you comfort at that particular time from the elements and bring you in good league within the social circle, but it will also tell you that as time goes by it infringes on the inner working of the body which can lead to implications of health. What to do then? Short time gain or long term gain. Simple logic will tell you that we not only live for the present but also for the the further, both of them have their importance to us.

This creates a dilemma for us – judgmental dilemma for us. What is the best option now to choose between the tale of two thoughts? There is no options to it, we should take what our passions consider to be best for us as the present is what we in at a particular moment and it is the moment which makes the future. For it is the junction in which we are at a particular time gives us two or more roads them. We have to take one of them to lead us to some destination in the future.

A tale of two two thoughts is not always easy and it is left up to us to take which side we fell will be beneficial to us. For we are the only person with the power to make that decision but all I can say is that it should in our good thought.

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