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The Justification of the Wicked

Looking into the Mind of Evil

The justification of the wicked is such that he would like to show that he contrary to the proven facts that he is so. Wicked people believe that they are not wicked and they mentally feel what they do is justified as good.

When can an action be said to be wicked? We have such words as naughty, bad and wicked to show the opposite of good and their extremity to which one is anointed with them all depends on how the action is taken by the other.

Naughty is usually taken as the playful manner in which a deed is committed where usually no harm is caused just what a child might do to the dismay of his elders. Bad on the other hand is the direct opposite of good which by the deed has the opposite effects such as eating something or doing something that causes an ill effect to you or others.

Wicked is the extremity of bad where just because no harm may be brought upon yourself, you might cause the cruelty of a dog or human to drive pleasure from it. In fact much joy from the action is got from it. Wicked is usually associated with the pain it inflicts on others – emotionally, psychologically or torment.

Wickedness is usually the attributed of the humanity race for no other species of animals has this virtue in them. They cruelty which they might seem to inflict on other animals is done within the cause of survival. Just as a tiger kills as deer that is done for its survival. A bear might do to protect its cubs or out of fear of human encroachment.

The justification of the wicked is usually made in such as way to show that he was just do so like an animal who if not would be the action of the victim on himself. Which ninety nine percent of the time is not at true or correct. Take a dictator for instance, he would put forward his actions of imprisoning political opponents and having them tortured and killed in the most horrible ways. His wicked action are justified that it was necessary to get such weeds out of society for their own good. It was simply for his own survival to power.

We do not have to go very far in this case. The ruler of North Korea, as what is known as purges even his relatives and under false justifications have them executed. So much so his own half brother was maliciously got killed in open light horribly who was not interested in power but to simply live a normal human life.

The wicked use there means to show that they are not so and are shameless people as they will lie and do other bad and evil actions to simply cover up their wicked actions and try to portray themselves as good in the eyes of other. It is only those that fall into their clutches that really know the effect of their wickedness.

Hence it is always good to avoid wicked people as there is no way in which you can escape what they do. You can fall prey to the extremity of their behaviour.

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