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Why is Sugar not Good for your Health

There is hardly anyone on this earth that does not have a sweet tooth to a certain degree. In fact, most of us with conceive it unimaginable without sugar in one dish or the other. The bad news is that this that makes most of our foods fuller is in truth detrimental for health and a proper life. So much so, if one is deprived of it, it can lead him to slyly consume it from the person that maintains the control over him.

The Detriments of Sugar

Have you ever thought why that such a phenomenon can drive a sane person towards it? Yes, I can answer that for you. All because like all other substances that fall under the category of narcotics, this crystal like food additive is a drug in a sense. And just like all other drugs, it vastly overshadows any good or positive attributes that it might have.

Why is this so? Like all other narcotics, without it a person is driven to it all the more because it stimulates the chemical dopamine that senses pleasure in the body to the brain. Some might question why the creator or the natural process of life would do such a silly thing as to allow such a chemical in the body. In fact, this chemical is a necessary part of the biological system as it tries to make all the classes of mammals addictive to sex which is a natural way, the continuation of a species. Else, earth would have only been inhabited by single singular organisms only.

Fortunately, the body has the insulin property in it to counter the effect of the sugar from natural sources, such as fruits and starch, making it to usable forms of energy by the liver for the bodies function. That is why other classes of mammals do not suffer from sugar related diseases, except man.

He consumes it beyond the actual needed amount by the body, resulting in the detrimental effects of it giving us different ailments of it. Moreover, sugar is in the processed form concentrating in per unit weight.

As the consumption of the crystalline sweetens substances score higher and higher, so are more the sixty percent of our diseases and problems too. There is a correlation between the increase and much of what is happening in one way or the other.

In truth, those countries, where medical is the right of every citizens, the health industry is being overwhelmed by people with ill health, so much so, of leading to increased cost of providing medical to the denizens, making the government impose sugar taxes as in the case of Britain and a few other European countries, but to the contrary in the United States, where health and Medicine is an industry itself. The truth is hidden there mostly as more ill health means more money to be made from your sugar addiction.

It’s Your Life

Finally, if you wanted to life a more fully life, avoid sugar totally, or drastically cut down on how much you consume. You will only realise you have also cut down on how much you spend towards your health and live a better more prosperous life.


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  1. This is a follow up on this article. Since I have stopped consuming sugar and simply having black tea with a pinch of salt, I have managed in a way to control the ill feelings of it. My system seems to functions much better and I feel much healthier these days.

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